About Us

We are a family which has been involved in breeding for 27 years. Our first kennel’s name was „Chvalčovický luh“ ( Chvalčovice’s Meadow ), where we bred blue Great Dane dogs. The kennel had excellent show and breeding results, but especially , wonderful dogs. Gradually we had to part with all our seven dogs, we let them finish their days with us and suspended our breeding activities. The kennel and dog training got, due to our age, too demanding for us.

We were never able to have cats, because the pack of Great Dane dogs and cat is lethal combination for the cat J. We were used to powerful and strong breed, confident and elegant, and yet to tender devotion and wisdom of Great Dane dogs. As we probably cannot go without breeding, we decided to choose Maine Coon cat ( MCO ).

Unsure, depending only on the information from the breeder, we acquired our first female and male breeding cats. Uncertainity was replaced by our admiration and love for this breed. „Gentle Giants „or „Cat-Dog“, how they are also known, charmed us, and although it may sound strange, we found many similarities with Great Dane dogs.

MCO are very pleasant companions, affectionate, elegant, they perceive and adapt into the family very well. They are one of the largest cats, but still graceful, playful and confident. They also have always something to sayJ and understand to what you are saying. They can show their love and happiness, that you are together with them and they devoutly believe in you. At home, they like to help you with everything, nothing can be done without them. They manage to make you laugh and also cry, when they are troubled. They are tidy, perfectly manage to keep cleanliness and they like it too. Clean fragrant bed linen is great temptation for them and they love to share bed with their mummys and daddys. We could not choose for our breeding better breed then MCO.

We wish to be able to enrich this breed by other  healthy and wonderful cats and make happy next breeders and owners, who will get them as companions and pets.


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